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1001 Nights is an Axe Sword that can be wielded by Lexaeus in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It can be upgraded to 1001 Nights+.


The 1001 Nights's handle is a short, blue-grey rod with a short, bronze spike in its pommel. Its counterweight is a wide, gold, arrowhead-like shape. It has an enormous, curved, zig-zagging blade with smooth edges. The majority of the blade is white, while its edges are red. The 1001 Nights in nearly identical to the Megacosm, with the exception of its color scheme.

Its name is a reference to the tales told by Scheherazade.


The 1001 Nights's normal ground combo starts with a two-handed downward slash, followed by Lexaeus leaping into the air while performing an upward slash, and ends with a powerful, two-handed downward slam. The Y-Combo can be activated after the first downward slash, and consists of a leap with an upward slash, followed by a powerful, one-handed downward slam before ending with a fast 360-degree spinning attack.

The aerial combo consists of a two-handed upward slash and a one-handed sideways swipe.

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