Roxas Wanna talk to Me! "I’m Roxas."

"We could find the real thieves. That would set the record straight." — {{{time}}} {{{text}}}
Roxas Who’s there? "Maybe we could study the stuff that's happening to me. You know, the dreams-and the guys in white..."

"Aren't these the steps you talked about? The ones that count different going up and down?" — {{{time}}} {{{talk}}}
Roxas Talk to Me! "All that for me?"

"I'll go get some ice cream!" — {{{time}}} {{{happy}}}
Roxas Hahaha! "Hey, let's find a way to cheer you up!"

"Oh, thanks!" — {{{time}}} {{{smiling}}}
Roxas Who are you? "Why did the Keyblade choose me?"

"I have to know." — {{{time}}} {{{thinking}}}
Roxas Confused TBS
Roxas Huh? "But... I don't get what's been happening lately."

"A Key...blade?" — {{{time}}} {{{confused}}}
Roxas Whoa! "Are they really all of me?"

"I'll... disappear...?" — {{{time}}} {{{shocked}}}
Roxas …What is it? " No one would miss me."

"What's gonna happen to me now? Just tell me that. Nothing else really matters anymore." — {{{time}}} {{{sad}}}
Roxas . . . "What's gonna happen to me now? Just tell me that. Nothing else really matters anymore."

"Sora... You're lucky. Looks like my summer vacation is... over." — {{{time}}} {{{depressed}}}
Roxas Serious TBS
Roxas Talk! "Who are you talking to? Me, or Sora?"

"Hey you're that pick-pocket!" — {{{time}}} {{{serious}}}
Roxas Shut up! " Was that... Was that supposed to be a joke? 'Cause I'm not laughing!"

"I hate you so much…" — {{{time}}} {{{angry}}}
Roxas CGI Happy Sprite
Roxas Talk to Me!"I see myself the way you remember me, and you see yourself the way I remember you."

"You make a good other..." — {{{time}}} {{{roxas}}}
Hooded Roxas TBS
Roxas Where's Sora?"I'm going to set Kingdom Hearts free! Then everything can go back to the way it was!"

"I want Xion back. I want my life back!" — {{{time}}} {{{hooded}}}
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