Veuillez corriger mon français ! (Please correct my french!)
Nom Sigurður / Siegfried
Kana シグルドル
Âge 15 ans
Région l'Islande
Mes Personnages favoris Roxas et Ven
Jeux complétés Kingdom Hearts
Kingdom Hearts II
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories



Mon nom est Siggi (Xiggie) et j'ai 15 ans. J'habite en Islande. (As you can see, I just know the very basics of French!)

Je suis un utilisateur du Kingdom Hearts Wiki (Anglais), voilà ma page d'utilisateur!

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  1. KH wiki
  2. KHL (Kingdom Hearts Legacy)

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Hello there.

My name is Sigurður (Siegfried) and I am a 15 year old boy from Iceland.

As you can see, I barely know some French! and I've decided to help all you francophones out here. Mainly by, adding templates and stuff, linking, categorizing, reverting vandalism, and perhaps even create and/or add information to pages (giving that I'll get a bit better at French during my stay here). So I am a sort of wikiGnome here, but I consider myself more of a wikiMercenary on the english KH wikia.

-more coming soon-

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