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Kingdom Hearts Original Soundtrack Cover

Das Albumcover von Kingdom Hearts Original Soundtrack

Der Kingdom Hearts Original Soundtrack ist der offizielle Soundtrack von 'Kingdom Hearts und enthält einen Großteil der im Spiel vorkommenden Lieder auf zwei CDs. Die erstmalige Veröffentlichung fand am 27. März 2002 in Japan statt und wurde am 25. November 2002 in Europa, sowie am 23. März 2003 in Nordamerika veröffentlicht.


Lied Titel Länge Künstler Komponist
1"Dearly Beloved"1:13
2"Hikari - KINGDOM Orchestra Instrumental Version"3:42
3"Hikari -PLANITb Remix- (Short Edit)"/"Simple and Clean -PLANITb Remix- (Short Edit)"2:31
4"Dive into the Heart -Destati-"4:57
5"Destiny Islands"1:49
6"Bustin' up on the Beach"2:01
7"Mickey Mouse Club March"1:02
8"Treasured Memories"1:45
9"Strange Whispers"0:55
10"Kairi I"1:19
11"It Began with a Letter"1:32
12"A Walk in Andante"1:18
13"Night of Fate"2:06
14"Destiny's Force"2:50
15"Where Is This?"1:42
16"Traverse Town"1:21
17"The Heartless Has Come"0:54
18"Shrouding Dark Cloud"2:15
19"Blast Away! -Gummi Ship I-"1:50
20"Tricksy Clock"0:38
21"Welcome to Wonderland"1:53
22"To Our Surprise"2:14
23"Turning the Key"0:16
24"Olympus Coliseum"2:08
25"Road to a Hero"1:30
26"Go for It!"2:05
27"No Time to Think"0:33
28"Deep Jungle"3:00
29"Having a Wild Time"2:25
30"Holy Bananas!"2:16
31"Squirming Evil"1:54
32"Hand in Hand"2:26
33"Kairi II"1:02
34"Merlin's Magical House"1:46
35Winnie the Pooh"2:28
37"Just an Itty Bitty Too Much"0:40
38"Once Upon a Time"0:21
39"Shipmeisters' Humoresque"2:11
40"Precious Stars in the Sky"1:08
41"Blast Away! -Gummi Ship II-"1:50
Lied Titel Länge Künstler Komponist
1"A Day in Agrabah"2:23
2"Arabian Dream"2:04
3"Villains of a Sort"1:32
4"A Very Small Wish"2:16
5"Monstrous Monstro"1:56
6"Friends in My Heart"1:30
7"Under the Sea"1:54
8"An Adventure in Atlantica"2:03
9"A Piece of Peace"1:00
10"An Intense Situation"0:48
11"The Deep End"2:14
12"This is Halloween"2:22
13"Spooks of Halloween Town"2:14
15"Captain Hook's Pirate Ship"2:06
16"Pirate's Gigue"1:45
17"Never Land Sky"1:26
18"Kairi III"1:35
19"Blast Away! -Gummi Ship III-"1:51
20"Hollow Bastion"2:26
21"Scherzo Di Notte"1:49
22"Forze del Male"3:38
23"HIKARI - KINGDOM HEARTS Instrumental Version"1:09
25"End of the World"3:14
26"Fragments of Sorrow"2:18
27"Guardando nel buio"4:24
28"Beyond the Door]]"1:08
29"Always on My Mind]]"1:47
30"Hikari"/"Simple and Clean"5:03
31"March Caprice for Piano and Orchestra]"5:13
32"Hand in Hand -Reprise-"0:55
33"Dearly Beloved -Reprise-"1:20
34"Having a Wild Time -Previous Version-"1:11




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