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Info Karakter[]

30px-Kr%C3%A4uterblume_KH%CF%87.pngPain88/Sandbox 230px-Rose.png
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27 Anni 18. Febbraio 1988 donna ♀
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Qualcosa su di me[]

♪ ♫ ♪ Hey and Welcome on my User Page ♪ ♫ ♪ :)
Hey... I am 27 years old german girl and hangs around me now and then in different Wikis to extend my knowledge horizon. I will look here sometimes now and then if I have time I insert Language-Links to other Wikis. With mistakes for my part are so nice just and mend it.

This was it for the moment from me..

Greetings Painchen88

Dados pessoais
Nome: Painchen88
Idade: 27 Anos
Aniversário: 18. Februar 1988
Sexo: fêmea ♀
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template charakter[]

Pain88/Sandbox 2
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Speletjie '
|name = 
|image = *
|tab# = *
|Description = *
|katakana = 
|romaji = 
|japname = 
|alias = 
|type = 
|java = 
|enva = 
|charworld1 = 
|origin = 
|game1 =
|s1 = *

Template Enemy[]

Pain88/Sandbox 2
Type Somebody Emblem.png



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2nd Template Character Infobox[]

Home World

Use this template on Character Pages.


  • Japanese Name denotes the Japanese name
  • Romaji used for the pronunciation of the Japanese name.
  • Home world denotes the world where the character comes from. If unknown, write the world where they first appear.
  • Other residences denotes the other places in which the character has lived.
  • Role used to denote whether the character is an Ally or a Villain.
  • Origin denotes the original appearance outside of Kingdom Hearts. The sole exception is with original character, in which case the first must (naturally) refer to the first Kingdom Hearts game they appeared in.
  • English Voice is the box where the English voice actor who is credited to the character goes to.
  • Japanese Voice is the box where the Japanese voice actor who is credited to the character goes to.

Template area[]

Game '

Template World2[]

Game '
Other worlds
Introduced in Kingdom Hearts
Dive to the Heart | Destiny Islands
Timeless River/Disney Town/Disney Castle
Traverse Town | Wonderland | Olympus Coliseum
Deep Jungle | Agrabah | Halloween Town
Monstro | Atlantica | Neverland
Radiant Garden/Hollow Bastion | 100 Acre Wood
End of the World | Realm of Darkness
Introduced in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
Land of Departure/Castle Oblivion | Twilight Town
Introduced in Kingdom Hearts II
Mysterious Tower | The Land of Dragons | Beast's Castle
Port Royal | Pride Lands | Space Paranoids
The World That Never Was | End of Sea | Keyblade Graveyard
Introduced in Kingdom Hearts: coded
Introduced in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
Dwarf Woodlands | Enchanted Dominion | Castle of Dreams
Deep Space | Mirage Arena | Prankster's Paradise
Introduced in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance
La Cité des Cloches | Country of the Musketeers
Symphony of Sorcery | The Grid
Introduced in Kingdom Hearts χ [chi]
Daybreak Town
Introduced in Kingdom Hearts III
Kingdom of Corona


Portable Infoboxes[]


Usage & preview[]

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{{Infobox Character/Draft

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Infobox 3[]

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
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30px-Kr%C3%A4uterblume_KH%CF%87.pngPain88/Sandbox 230px-Rose.png
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27 Anos 18. Fevereiro 1988 fêmea ♀
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